Question: When will I find out what team I am on and the
practice schedule?
Answer: all teams will be formed by the end of June and an e-mail will be sent from the
Head Coach/Parent Rep by early - mid July informing them of their assigned teams and
when the mandatory parent meeting/equipment will be scheduled.  

Question: Where are the fields located?
Answer: Click here for field locations for both home and away games.

Question: I'm interested in coaching, how do I become a coach?
Answer: The Big Lake Football Association is always looking for new volunteers to help
coach.  If you are interested, please contact the League Director in the age group you are
interested in (click
here for the "Coaches" page) with a brief explanation who you are and
what past coaching experience you may have. However, past coaching experience is not
necessary to coach in our association.

Question: Can I request that my son/daughter play on the same
team as his/her friend(s)?
Answer: We hold a player draft in grades 4 - 6, so we are not able to accommodate
special requests on these levels.  Coaches and parents are great about doing ride
shares, so transportation should never be a problem.

Question: What equipment is provided by the The Big Lake
Football Association, and what equipment do players need to
Answer: The association provides players with the following for Intro and Traveling
players:  helmet, shoulder pads and mouthguards.
The association provides flag football players with a t-shirt.

Players are responsible for purchasing jerseys, football pants, cleats and it is
recommended to purchase a quality mouthguard. .

Question: When does the season start, and when does it end?
Answer: Practices begin in late July or early August and run through mid to late October.  
Starting dates and times are left up to the coaches discretion.

Question: On what nights are practices held?
Answer: Practices for 4th thru 6th graders are normally three nights per week: Monday,
Tuesday & Thursday. 2nd & 3rd graders practice twice per week on Tuesday and
Thursday. Each coach sets the practice schedule, so they vary slightly by team.